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Backlink Building

No matter which package you choose with us, we will work to acquire you backlinks from around the third month of your service with us. With the help of specialised SEO software we can generate lists of ideas for relevant websites that we can utiise to acquire backlinks for your business.

Outreach to revelant websites


We will contact websites relevant to your niche in an effort to achieve backlinks for your site. This could either be through collaborations, a PR type proposal or relevant news information linking back to an article that we have published for you. The longer you are with SeoWay, the more content we can produce, the more backlinks we can achieve.


Local SEO

If you benefit from our affordable Local SEO addon, you will receive backlinks when we submit your site to local directory listings. These backlinks may not be as high quality as outreach to relevant sites, but they are acquired nevertheless automatically with local SEO implementation, and this type of SEO is important when it comes to ranking your business locally.

White Hat Outreach


We don't own any networks or purchase any backlinks. We do genuine outreach to local sites or industry relevant.

Quality is more important than quantity

The more content we can produce for your business, the more genuine backlinks we will be able to acquire.



We monitor and report on all incoming backlinks for your website / business, so that you stay complaint. If we find any backlinks have been made to your site that was not made by us and are considered 'toxic sites' by search engines, we will work on your behalf to get those links removed.




Can we get backlinks quickly?


The short answer is no, you can not acquire backlinks quickly. Genuine outreach takes time, and we need to produce a certain amount of content to increase our chances of acquiring relevant links. Backlinks that are brought in too quickly flags up on search engines as possibly ingenuine, and can harm your rankings.


Can I pay for backlinks alone, or is there a backlinks add-on for my package?


No, as we don't work on Guest Posts or other similar toxic methods to gain backlinks, including purchasing them, we don't offer a direct service for backlinks. To acquire them, you will need our main SEO services.


How many backlinks will you acquire each month?


Our backlink building service does not work in a systematic approach were we inform you 'X' amount of backlinks will be gained each month. Instead, once we have content generated and On-Page optimisation configured for your site, we will then seek opportunities to acquire high-quality links. These are hard to come by, and we hope to gain some new links every few months for our clients. One high quality backlink is worth more than one hundred low quality links.

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