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Case Study

Triple Eights came to us in February 2023 requiring a complete SEO implementation. After using another SEO provider for months, they was unhappy with the service being provided. They had no organic traffic and felt they could be doing better.


In February of 2023, the website had approximately 19 keyword phrases ranking on Google. That's when we got to work. By the end of March / beginning of May, we increased those keyword phrases to 84 nationally, and 164 globally.


In February of 2023, the approximate impressions per day was between 70 - 100. After a couple of months working with us, those impressions are now at 600+, and increasing at fast pace.

Screenshot (73).jpg

Now that the client has changed their SEO service provider to us, they are finally beginning to see traffic begin to grow for their business. 

Can We Help Your Business?

We can tailor your package to suit your requirements, from blog post content ize and frequency, to advanced SEO options that you can add on to your service from the click of a button.


Our interactive user panel lets you submit tickets to your account manager, add multiple websites and review files / articles before they are published by us.

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